DMI Pulpmill Peace River, AB EPC Contractor for build to print, procurement, and construction of 25 mw Condensing Steam Turbine System

AltaGas Plant Site Harmattan, AB
Installation of 15mw Cogen - Gas Turbine & HRSG

Nexen Long Lake Anzac, AB Construction of SAGD well pads including steam and production piping. Also completed QC audit and review for complete project

Opti Long Lake Anzac, AB Quality Control management team completing review of all turnover documents for commissioning, reinstatement & commissioning of various plant process systems

Encana FCCL Christina Lake, AB Piping and mechanical work scope in water block and pipe racks on phase 1B in expansion project
Husky Tucker Lake Cold Lake, AB Assembly of (3) OTSG’s and related feedwater and steam modules, completion of plant air & fuel gas systems

Petro Bank Whitesands Conklin, AB Overhaul and rebuild of two (2) OTSG and water treatment skid packages for Thai Project

Connacher Great Divide Marianna Lakes, AB Assembly and repairs of two (2) Package boilers in SAGD facility

Alpac Mill Site Boyle, AB Annual mill shutdowns, inspection, repairs in the Fibreline, Chem.. Prep and CRU

DMI Mill Site Peace River, AB Annual mill shutdown, general maintenance & Capital project work on Power

TransAlta Spray Lakes Canmore, AB Demolition and replacement of hydro penstock line in mountain setting

Talisman Edson Plant Edson, AB Plant outage – shop build of package boilers and on site repairs to HRSG’s, (ie on-going maintenance services)

Whitecourt Power Plant Site Whitecourt, AB Reconfiguration of floor tubes and installation of bed floor drains and on BFB boiler

Verdant Energy Dapp Power Westlock, AB Conversion and rebuild of CFB Boiler to a BFB Boiler including air, fuel and ash systems

Company Performance

  1. Project Safety
    1. Alberta Best Performer 2007
    2. Zero lost time and zero medical aids in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
    3. Zero lost time and one (1) medical aid in 2005
    4. COR certified Safety Program
    5. WCB rate below industry average
    6. SCO qualified safety personnel
    7. CanQual & ISNetworld registered
  2. Project Quality Control
    1. ASME approved Quality Program for the following Code work:
      • “A” Stamp - Assembly of Section I Power Boilers,
      • “P” Stamp – Fabrication and Assembly of Pressure Piping
    2. ABSA approved Quality Program for:
      • Assembly of Section I Power Boilers and Pressure Piping,
      • Construct, Repair/Alter Boiler External Piping, B31.1 Power & B31.3 Process Piping,
      • Repair/Alter Section I Power Boilers, Section IV Heating Boilers and Section VIII Pressure Vessels
    3. CWB approved Welding Program for welding of structural steel to CSA W47.1 Div. 2
    4. Qualified QC and build to print/technical personnel on every project team
    5. Variety of ASME ABSA registered welding procedures utilizing GTAW and SMAW or a combination of GTAW/SMAW processes for material ranging from carbon steel to alloy materials (including cryogenic services to -320°F and overlay processes)
    6. Wide range of CWB registered welding procedures using SMAW processes
  3. Project Controls
    1. Estimating database (WINEST)
    2. Primavera P-6 project scheduling software utilized for estimating and planning
    3. Cost tracking and project controls systems utilized on every job (Digital Time Capture)
    4. Project Management trained and experienced management personnel
  4. Project Execution
    1. Experienced diverse senior management team
    2. Proven project teams - leadership and supervision
    3. Principled and value focused; Safety, Quality, Cost, Schedule
    4. Client Relations; Plan, Schedule, Do, Report
    5. Proven to "Performance Under Pressure"
  5. Facilities & Added Services
    • SHOP
    • Yard
    • Technical
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